Vegas Season

For many in the Las Vegas tourism world summer means dealing with temperatures only rivaled by Mars and more importantly bargain room rates. For many visitors however it’s a much anticipated time of year. It means pools, clubs, shows, shopping, lounging, and dining. Enter the new LVCVA summer campaign, “Vegas Season”– the most wonderful, sexiest, glutinous, extravagant, and above all, selfish time of the year.


Google was expanding the capabilities of Google Streetview by capturing not only exteriors of cities, but interiors too. When we found out that Las Vegas would be their first test city we aligned it with a project in the hopper. What came about was the future of travel and tourism — a microsite that allows visitors to get a one-of-a-kind inside look at the city of Las Vegas.



Prince Harry Project

In August of 2012, Harry, the ginger-headed Prince of England lost his clothes in Vegas and the world went mad. Suffice to say, his poor judgment provided us one hell of an opportunity to publicly make a stand for our client and uphold the Las Vegas Code, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. We acted quickly and were rewarded handsomely. With a modest $200,000 investment for a full page ad in USA Today along with a social post, we saw over $23 million in earned media value, features in Creativity, AdAge, Adweek and press coverage from every major news network such as Fox News, MSNBC and Good Morning America, not to mention international coverage from likes of Reuters and The Guardian.