everything is better with butter.

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Butterworth. I am not heir to any family syrup empires. I cannot apologize for that enough. I am however a mediocre softball player who spent most of his youth shopping in the husky section. Oh, and I’m also an advertising professional.

My experience in advertising dates back to 2003 when my responsibilities included getting out of other people’s way, stocking the fridge with beer and answering to the name ‘Pissboy.’ Ahhh, the memories.

I’ve spent my career in California, Nevada, and currently in Texas at GSD&M. I’ve worked on a lot clients, like NFL, Las Vegas Tourism, Popeyes, Southwest Airlines, Disneyland, Marshalls, California Tourism, and many more. I’ve received some awards in the process and my work has¬†been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, Good Morning America, TMZ, CNBC, AdWeek, Ad Age, Creativity, and more, but I won’t drone on. I like making ads. More specifically, I like making things that catch people’s attention and put a different spin on a restaurant, a city, a game, or a store they weren’t thinking about otherwise.

916.505.3434 | JeffreyButterworth@gmail.com