Mr. Las Vegasdotcom Imagine one day you wake up to learn of a newly famous pop star half your age...who happens to share your name. Now imagine that same situation with a 45-year old man whose name has become a very popular website. Meet Las Vegasdotcom. 

Launching a travel website is no easy task with so much competition in that arena. The way we chose to make it stick was by following the trials and tribulations of Las, and how sharing the name with the official website of Vegas can win you many friends, but doesn’t get you much sleep.

“Day in the Life” :30 TV


“Help Group” :30 TV


“DMV” :30 TV


“Reunion” :60 TV


“Las Comes to Vegas” :30 TV


“Dream” :60 TV




“Poke” Interactive Banner




“Fridge” Interactive Banner


“Life Routine” Digital Video


“Las Stories” Digital Video


“Vegas Routine” Digital Video


“Las Pinata” PR Activation

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